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We solve complex problems—together. Which means our employees become your biggest assets. The stability of our workforce also means we’re not learning on your project. Our teams make sure every solution is comprehensive and efficient.


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By encouraging a strong culture, we ensure cohesion, communication, and growth across the entire organization. In practical terms, that means our employees stay put. But they never stand still. Our stability, matched by drive and passion, lets us spend more time meeting client challenges and less time—and money—meeting staffing needs.  

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A community of givers

What happens when you make serving the community part of your mission? You build character, you strengthen bonds, and you make a difference in peoples’ lives.

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Get to know the people who make ValidaTek a success

  • Toni OwensValidaTek would like to thank and acknowledge Toni Owens for her hard work and dedication. Toni joined our ValidaTek family in 2016 as Jr. Staff
    Accountant right after graduating from Virginia Wesleyan University where she majored in Business with a concentration in Accounting. Since then, Toni has been promoted to Staff Accountant and now Payroll Accountant.

    Every pay period, Toni ensures that everyone is paid on the set pay date. She handles all aspects of our payroll procedures, timesheets, and timekeeping system. In addition, Toni reconciles payroll to the general ledger, completes monthly payroll bank statements, corrects timesheets when necessary, calculates and records deductions and answers inquiries from employees through our Services ticketing system.

    Toni currently has the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and is working towards the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) Certification. Her main goal at ValidaTek is to have a quick and efficient error free payroll every payroll period. She hopes to be as helpful and knowledgeable as she can for not only her team, but for the entire company as she continues to grow.

    When asked what she likes most about working at ValidaTek, Toni stated, “I enjoy working with the Accounting team and the environment the most. Peter, Neibert, Connie, Jessica and I work so well together that it makes my job easy. We are a little Accounting family and we all want each other to succeed. Being able to share stories and laughs with your team makes your day that much better.”

    We look forward to continue working with Toni and thank her again for all her efforts.

[ValidaTek] places a strong emphasis on professional ethics, employee growth, and maintaining a family-like atmosphere. In my position, I am surrounded by intelligent, capable, motivated people who are open to new ideas and who work hard to build success together.

Current Employee at ValidaTek, Inc.