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Unified Communications

Enable seamless communication in the digital age

Unified Communications

Our Solutions

Communications is a mission critical service. We follow our enterprise architectural processes to conduct an analysis and gather requirements. We map business objectives prior to evaluating technology for implementation. Technology includes VoIP and telephony solutions, video conferencing and collaboration tools, presences and instant messaging applications, and integration with existing applications.  
We ensure network infrastructure capability supports bandwidth and quality of service requirements for communication traffic. If needed, we evaluate for network upgrades to support communication traffic.  
We design UC architecture to be scalable to accommodate future growth and redundance. Our modular architecture allows adding or removing components to accommodate growth. 

Impacts on Our Clients

  • Integrated communication – voice, video, messaging, and email – into single platform that make it easier for employees to connect with colleagues, partners, and customers.
  • Improve teamwork and creativity among employees through real-time collaboration through features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and document sharing. 
  • Increased productivity, faster decision-making, reduced time spent switching applications / searching for information as well as streamlined communication all through use of UC tools.