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Mobility and Desktop

Manage mobile devices and workstations seamlessly

Mobility and Desktop

Our Solutions

The implementation of mobile device management follows our enterprise architecture process. Unique aspects of device enrollment, security policies, application management, etc., related to mobile devices/VDI will be designed as mandated by requirements gathering and the unique environment. Mobile device implementation focuses on understanding all user roles and the mission of the organization – to ensure that we assign roles that allow each functional area of the organization operate without obstruction. We provide monitoring to validate device compliance and facilitate continuous monitoring for the detection of inefficiencies and malicious intent.

Impacts on Our Clients

  • Secure mobile environment, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access though the enforcement of strong security policies on mobile devices, including passcode requirements, encryption, app whitelisting/blacklisting, and remote wipe capabilities. 
  • Protection of sensitive company data, both at rest and in transit through encryption and remote wipe capabilities (even if a device is lost or stolen). 
  • Compliance with regulations by enforcing security and privacy policies.  
  • Reduce IT overhead and ensure secure,  consistently configured devices through the simplification of device provisioning, updates, and configuration management. 
  • User flexibility and productivity through secure user access to company resources and applications from mobile devices.