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In May, the Defense Spectrum Organization awarded ValidaTek an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Agreement for the Telecommunications Advanced Research and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (TARDyS3) Development effort. The objectives of this effort are to develop a Spectrum Scheduling System and an Interference Prevention, Detection, and Resolution capability using an Agile DevSecOps approach that ensures Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (Cl/CD) across concurrent information impact level environments with managed interfaces between commercial and military networks. This is the first award of an OTA for ValidaTek and comes upon the conclusion of a thorough and innovative acquisition process which provided opportunities to obtain Government feedback on our solution throughout the process. Beginning in the summer of 2020 with the submission of a Request for Information, followed by a Reverse Industry Day, the ValidaTek Team worked to develop a sample prototype. In the fall of 2020, upon submission of a White Paper, we were selected to demonstrate our sample prototype to the Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) which was successfully completed in February of 2021. Lastly, based upon the success of our demonstration, ValidaTek was chosen as one of two companies given the chance to submit a Project Proposal for the prototype. Ultimately, based on the strength of our technical and management team, we won the award! 

Congratulations to the entire ValidaTek team on these outstanding wins. We are excited to showcase ValidaTek skills and performance to these important new clients.