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CMMI for Services Level 5

CMMI-SVC/5After more than a year of hard work, ValidaTek was successfully appraised at CMMI for Services Level 5 (CMMI-SVC/5) in June!

CMMI Maturity Level 5 means that our organization is performing at an “optimizing level”. At Level 5, we continually improve our processes based on a quantitative understanding of business objectives and performance needs. ValidaTek uses a quantitative management approach to understand variations in the process and perform causal analysis.

In our appraisal, ValidaTek demonstrated an initial 89% improvement in productivity, which was further improved in 2018 to 90% through continued process and performance analysis.

As one of 9 companies in the U.S. appraised at CMMI-SVC/5, this appraisal provides ValidaTek with a value-added proposition to any existing or new customer, as the customer is clearly going to be able to work with an organization that has demonstrated discipline through sound processes and through a solid measurement/metrics program. ValidaTek can provide the customer with confidence in the estimates and use of resources that are being used.

ValidaTek Senior Management thanks the ESOC, ITC, Mission Assurance, and Appraisal team for all of their contributions to this effort and its’ success especially, Joshua Dinerman, Gary Samuels, Pete Tuttle, Kirsten Winter, Charles Adams, Jeremiah Creiglow, Dan Freret, Rihana Ahmadi, Alan Bondzio, Reena Mahboob, Liz Berlin, Emily Gallo and Rick Swartz.