On September 19th, ValidaTek was awarded a contract with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) to conduct a Business Case Analysis (BCA) of the current and future PMW 230 Portfolio (FY19 to FY24) to assist the organization in determining, receiving approval and drafting a cloud modernization strategy for the PMW 230 portfolio. As part of this effort, ValidaTek will facilitate a comprehensive analysis of alternative approaches for modernizing the PMW 230 portfolio of systems, define expected performance enhancements, costs, benefits, operational impacts and risks. ValidaTek will also provide a recommended migration roadmap aligned with Marine Corps doctrine. The work will take place at ValidaTek’s McLean office in addition to Stafford, Virginia. This work further establishes ValidaTek’s presence in the Marine Corps and highlights its qualifications in the areas of Cloud Migration planning and Business Case Analyses within the Department of Defense.