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USITC Data Center Relocation Project

ValidaTek successfully completed the full Data Center Relocation Project on behalf of the United States International Trade Commission (USITC). This particular move was discussed for over six years, prior to ValidaTek’s presence at USITC. Moving a datacenter is one of the largest IT related challenges there is and ValidaTek and USITC successfully completed it over a long three-day weekend in January. 

Some highlights include configuring a new network connection with double the speed at the USITC remote data center, moving all of USITC’s files and data to new file shares, and then shutting down and physically moving a vast majority of USITC’s infrastructure equipment from DC to the remote location, leaving a small infrastructure footprint in DC.  ValidaTek installed and configured a new private network between DC and the USITC remote data center, reconfigured the HQ network, and configured all of these networks to communicate. The team relocated, updated, and reconfigured USITC’s complete IT infrastructure over a long weekend. 

We would like to thank the entire ValidaTek USITC team, Rick Lowe, Charles Jaeger, Ted Leach, Ayodegi Agbebi, Eric Lindahl (Take2), Robert Gallimore (Take2), and Dan Freret for all of their hard work and dedication during this project.

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