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ValidaTek continues to provide outstanding services and grow our support to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)! ValidaTek will be providing Intelligence Data Support (IDS) Cloud Support Services (CSS), development, operations and maintenance support to one on-premise and one Cloud Unclassified environment, one Secret level on-premise and Cloud environment, and one Top Secret level Classified environment. At each classification level, these environments require: operational support to ensure availability of the system: engineering support for enhancements to and new development of software that supports each environment; and system maintenance support to ensure that the systems, regardless of environment, maintain the highest standards of cyber hygiene and vendor compliance with established cyber security best business practices. The core of the system is the data repository called the Maritime Awareness Global Network (MAGNET), which acquires, integrates, and shares the data with the other components of the Intelligence Data Services, other USCG systems, and data sharing partners within the Federal Government. The primary role of this repository is to capture and disseminate tactical and near-real-time intelligence information and to retain that data for strategic intelligence analysis.

We thank everyone who has contributed to ValidaTek’s continued success!