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CMMI for Development Level 5

As part of our continuous process improvement efforts, ValidaTek implemented a quantitative measurement and improvement plan for our development teams. After a year of hard work, ValidaTek was successfully appraised at CMMI for Development Level 5 (CMMI-DEV/5) in June. ValidaTek is only the 6th company in the United States to be appraised at Level 5 for both Development and Services.

Through quantitative management activities, ValidaTek has established robust business objectives that are being realized through collecting and analyzing measurements. CMMI Maturity Level 5 means that we are not only analyzing our measurements to ensure our processes are under control, but that we are also using those measurements to continually improve and refine our processes.

The independent appraisal found that ValidaTek has made good use of the quality audit data to establish a benchmark for process quality and improved that quality over time. The organization has embraced the culture of continuous process improvement as process improvement proposals are being regularly generated from sources across the organization.

The measurements are used to create control charts. The charts clearly demonstrate stability and improved capability. The independent appraisal demonstrated that we experienced a 74% decrease in the number of defects and reduced the time spent on defects by 67% because of our latest efforts. The number of user stories delivered increased as the defects have been reduced. The number of user stories completed per sprint increased by 48%.

Furthermore, the appraisal validated that we are doing an excellent job in developing and analyzing key performance indicators related to the customer and ValidaTek’s highest priority objectives. This provides the customer reassurance that a third-party has validated ValidaTek’s commitment to optimization and innovation in our proactive development approach. The organization has a clear approach in identifying areas for continuous process improvement based on analysis of measurement data in order to achieve great results for our company and our customers.

ValidaTek Executive Management would like to thank the Solutions Development Unit (includes the CAQM Team), Mission Assurance team, and the Appraisal team for all of their contributions to this successful effort, especially Megan Findlay Bailey, Nick Johnston, Liz Berlin, Paul Pennell, Emily Gallo and Rick Swartz.